Mar 14

Are Internet Marketing Giveaway Events A Waste of Time

Well, I’ve been experimenting with Giveaway events. I’ve participated in a couple over the last months and to be honest, I still am not sure if they are a waste of time or not.

Here’s the low down. The first one I gave away a free Ebook entitled Easy Internet Riches, which is about how to use other peoples products to make money. It’s a solid system and it works fine. You find products with resell rights and well, erm you resell them.

For this giveaway I didn’t pay the upgrade fee, I just listed the product, created the opt in page and the download page and added the subscribers to my list at Imnica mail. I did promote the giveaway on this site, but apparently no one joined from my page. The end result was that apart from the time it took me to source the product, create the pages and set up the product at the giveaway site. I gained 15 new subscribers to my list.

So inspired by this I participated in giveaway event number two, this was from the 25th of February to the 8th of March 2012 I did this time pay the upgrade fee of $10.00 as this would allow me to add up to 5 giveaway products, 5 text ads and 3 special offers to the members who signed up for the giveaway.

Again I offered the free Easy Internet Riches ebook, I also offered a unique – not found anywhere else – Inmnica Mail handbook, and a download protection script that I sell on another site for $7.00. So this time there were 2 more opt in and download pages to be created, a sales page to be uploaded for the special offer and a text ad created within the system.

Now the strange thing I found was that there were nearly 300 products being given away, there were nearly 200 JV members (of which I was one) yet on the last day of the Giveaway there were less than 400 people signed up for the gifts.

The leader board was interesting too, of the Gift contributors, not many made any money from the Giveaway. The top earner received less than $200 from JV upgrades, shares of sales and sales of their own products. The Joint Giveaway partner who had paid for the listing, made very little profit at all.

I managed to add 1 more subscriber to the Easy Internet riches list, 11 new subscribers to the download guard script and 6 subscribers to the Imnica Mail list. Not brilliant I have to admit.

So for my $10 I managed to add
18 new subscribers in total to my lists, and I sold 1 special offer at $7.00 so total outlay – besides time was $3.00 so each subscriber cost me 0.16c not a bad rate of return. However, time costs too, so from this perspective. I truly think that Giveaways really are a Waste of Time.

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