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Web Site Support Services


Okay I’m a GEEK, my children will be pleased now that I have openly stated that fact.
When I talk to them about what I do online, you can see them glaze over! Why, well because I love to make websites work.
Technically I’m a GEEK! I’ve worked with computers for a long time, and have vast experience of so many programs it’s unbelievable. So why am I telling you this. Well, I’ve decided that I should make things easier for others.

Because I realise at times the technical details of doing things online can be overwhelming.
There are a lot of people online who have a lot of great strengths, but doing technical things is just not one of their strengths.

Let’s face it why waste half a day or your time trying to install something, when I could more than likely have your script up and running in next to no time. Why spend time struggling when you could be doing the things that you do better.
If you have problems handling technical things, that’s okay, just hand the project over to me.

If any of the above applies to you, I can help – let me help you by being your online technical help guy / woman.

Here are some of the things I can do for you:

Websites : Install your website : Modify your website : Update your web pages : Add email lead capture forms: Add sign up forms for your auto-responder service : Add pop ups peelaway adds etc : Add your payment buttons to your sales page : Modify PLR material with your links.

WordPress Blogs : Install your blog : Modify your blog: Install different themes and plugins: Make minor changes to your templates : Update your blog to the latest version:

PHP Scripts : Install scripts : If you’ve purchased it, and your hosting is up to it, I can install and configure it for you.

And plenty of other things I can do that will I may post about later.
What I don’t/won’t do
PC support : Program large scripts (Too time consuming) : Fix a broken script : Look after your server – too stressful !

My current hourly rate is £20 (aprox $30) per hour, you’ll get a receipt and I’ll be tax deductable 😀

If you’re looking for online technical help – I’m your The Online Tech Guy or Tech Woman!

So how can you hire me simple. Commit to purchasing one hour of my time. You will then be redirected to my helpdesk.
When you go to my Helpdesk, choose “Work Request” and let me know how I can serve you. Provide a brief description of the works etc and I’ll get back to you through the desk.
This is a virtual service, no need for me to visit you or for you to visit me.
[Edit, the desk is broken! I guess I’ll have to fix it]

To order 1 Hour of my time (minimum charge)

To order 2 Hours of my time

Time is credited to your account, miniumum per one instruction is one hour. Time is spent and expires on a weekly basis.

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