Aug 09

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Good UK Hosting at affordable prices

Phew! what a week it has been! Challenge upon Challenge. I’ve now got quite a few UK customers who I have set up their websites for. Whether this is true or not I’m not quite sure, but it is often said that in order to get better rankings in the search engines, a .com name should be hosted on a US server, and a .co.uk should be hosted on a UK server.

This I guess does make some sense, but up to now, all the UK hosts I have dealt with need a good swift kick up the derriere – they are costly, they don’t offer the same services as most good USA hosts do, and it really has been an absolute nightmare trying to find a decent UK host.

After reading reviews and googling till nearly going blind, I thought I’d picked a good one. (Not going to name them as I don’t want to give them any publicity – you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity even bad publicity!) Great news, erm, no not really. I set up a new .co.uk name and added the dns settings, the name resolved and all looked good up to this point. I had purchased re-seller hosting so there should have been enough capacity on the host to do some good stuff. Unfortunately there wasn’t. One install of WordPress, a couple of plugins and the whole site fell over!
Put in a support ticket to this host and from what they told me, they have things tied down so tight that you feel like you are back in school and will have to ask their permission to do anything at all. They seemed to have solved the problems so I went to bed after a long day.

Not good, the following morning I found the hosting was still throwing out “out of memory errors” left right and center and there was still only one site on the whole re seller account. Time to look for another hosting company. Back to the drawing board. Just to double check that it was the host and not the theme I was trying to use, I logged into my US hosting  and did a quick install on a free domain name. The installation flew in and there were no problems whatsoever. Proved to me it was the UK host and not the theme. Time to look for another UK host. Back to the drawing board and the reviews! The frustrating thing is that this scenario wasted two whole days of my working time. Thankfully, when trying out a new host, having learnt from past mistakes, I only ever take out the contract on a monthly payment term, that way if it turns out to be a wrong ‘un, you’ve only lost one months payment.

After another day of searching I came across a brilliant UK webhost via a members signature on a  UK business forum. Hosting starts at £1 per month! WOW! Lightening fast and so far so good. So if you are looking for good reliable UK Web hosting I suggest you take a serious look at Hi Hosting– Fast and Reliable Web Hosting with True 24/7 Support and Free Domain for Life.

Hi Hosting - Fast and Reliable Web Hosting with Free Domain Name for Life and True 24/7 Support

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